A common hazard of live music can be detrimental effects on hearing. Over time, playing, attending or working at gigs where there is high volume can damage your ears irreparably.

At Nambucca we provide ear protectors for anyone who wants to minimise the effects of loud music on their ears and to further this we’re working with Auris Ear Care, a company that specialises in identifying and rectifying problems associated with ears to raise awareness of this issue.

We had a planned visit from Dr. Riaz Rampuri on Tuesday 9TH April that included an ear health check for all members of Nambucca staff and cleaning (microsuction) where required. He also offered some very useful care advice – don’t use cotton buds! The process was seamless and executed very well – everyone was left feeling good with a satisfying check up – we cannot recommend the service enough!

To find out more about Auris Ear Care and the earwax removal service in London they provide, please visit their clinic at 10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF or call 0203 151 0708 to schedule a mobile appointment.

Auris Ear Care website