Liam Gallagher attends This Feeling TV at Nambucca

This Feeling are the number one champions of rock and roll music in the UK at the moment and last week at Nambucca launched This Feeling TV in association with Red Stripe presented by Gordon Smart and featuring live performances by Slaves, DMAs and Tom Grennan and interviews with Line of Duty actor Martin Compston (who made all tabloids by crowdsurfing at the end of the night) as well as old friend of Nambucca, Carl Barat of The Libertines.
Also in attendance was former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher who is launching his solo career in the coming months and was a guest of This Feeling to check out the DMAs.

Check out for the first episode coming soon and watch this space for news of future This Feeling and This Feeling TV events.